About Michelle and the Magic Meeple

Michelle Mortinse is the owner of the Magic Meeple, Fargo, North Dakota’s new board game café. Michelle has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit; however, it wasn’t until about five months ago that she began seriously considering the idea of pursuing the entrepreneurial path. After 24 years of working as a truck driver, Michelle knew that this was the perfect time to begin a new adventure.


“I want people to reconnect with each other. Technology is great, but it has taken over our lives. I feel that we have lost the ability to connect face to face. I do not offer Wi-Fi because I want people to focus on each other and not their phones,” says Michelle.


Magic Meeple works to energize the effectiveness of reconnecting with one another and having a great time doing it; they live out their motto, unplugging to reconnect, every day. 


Three years ago, Michelle and her daughter moved to Las Vegas; after moving to a famous gambling spot, the duo was on a search to find activities that were anything but gambling. Their search for new activities in their new area led them to discover Meepleville Board Game Café. Over 2,500 games were offered, and the idea of The Magic Meeple was then born. “As soon as I walked into Meepleville, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life! I, too, was going to own a board game café one day!” After two attempts at finding the perfect location, the saying “third times a charm” proved true. Michelle’s third location offer allowed her to implement her idea of bringing a board game café to the city of Fargo. Selling the idea of creating a board game café was the biggest challenge; many around this community have never heard of such a thing; however, this did not stop Michelle from pursuing her newfound dream. “My biggest joy comes from seeing people having a good time here and all the positive feedback they give,” says Michelle when talking about how she overcame the challenges of starting a business. 

Michelle is a firm believer in giving back to the community and hopes to implement different programs that will do just that. Gather your friends and family and enjoy the opportunity provided by Fargo’s newest board game café. Follow along with The Magic Meeple on their Facebook Page, and find out more about them on their website.

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Quinn Wrigley

Quinn is the Emerging Prairie Events Intern, engaging in the organization’s entrepreneurial ecosystem community. In addition, she is also a North Dakota native and a student at Concordia studying Political Science and Business.